Burger King Tiley City

The Burger King in Shenzhen has many of the classic menu items in the US with some twists. The most notable may be that Heineken is on the menu. Still a nice spot to get a taste of typical US fast food. This Burger King is next to Coastal City, one level above street level. This Burger Kin has closed as of Aug 2013, but others remain open at Coco Park, MixC, and elsewhere

Tiley City L2-6
Haide 2 Rd.
Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Brian's Favorite Menu Items: Onion Rings
Nearest Metro Stop: Keyuan on Shekou Line

Other BK locations in Shenzhen:
217, 2nd Floor
Sangde, Huanqiangbei

Basement Floor/L-316
Citic Plaza
Shennan Road
Central, Shenzhen

No. 108, Basement-1,
KK Shopping Mall, KK Financial Centre
Luoho District, Shenzhen

L2C-002, 2nd Floor
Coco Park,
Futian, Shenzhen

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