Shekou Ferry

The Shekou Ferry is located at the end of Nan Hai Boulevard and the southern tip of Shekou. The ferry has regular ferry service to Hong Kong Island, Macau, Hong Kong Airport, and Zhouhai.

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Upon arrival at the Shekou Ferry terminal there you can either get a gypsy (private) driver or a regular taxi car marked with the official red/grey cab color. We would recommend not accepting rides from any gypsy driver at the ferry terminal as they're prices can be 2x to 5x what a regular taxi driver costs. You may be harassed by gypsy drivers as you make you way through the terminal exit who may even speak some broken English. We would recommend proceeding straight to the taxi stand line in front of the terminal and wait at the stand for an official taxi. Remember nearly all taxi drivers in Shenzhen cannot speak English so make sure you have a plan to communicate with them (either paper with written destination in Chinese or be prepared to speak your destination in chinese).

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