Minsk World

Minsk World is a tourist complex built around the old Soviet Minsk aircraft carrier. Its a reasonable attempt at creating something worth visiting, and most expats may get a good chuckle with a visit.

Entrance to Minsk World:

The actual Minsk aircraft carrier is really the only thing worth seeing in the complex. There are a few other pieces of military equipment, sovenior stores, and eateries, but their really built around the aircraft carrier.

Grounds of Minsk World:

Walking onto the Minsk Carrier:

The aircraft carrier was in a surprising state of disrepair. The aircraft on its deck had flat/dry-rotted tires. The control room appeared to have all had all the equipment pulled out with older equipment hastily placed in the room and non-functional.

Deck of the Minsk Carrier:

Minsk Carrier Control Room:

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